So, yeah. An not-balanced LD25 submission. Cool.
I was never really feeling the theme. I also bit off waaaaay more than I could chew in the time period given the limitations. But, what we have here is a start.

You play as a villain, biding his time, threatening the world, buying cool properties, and filling them with henchmen. Each day, the hero invades one of your properties and blows it up. Each day, you buy some expendable henchmen to put in the buildings and die. But you get a little bit of money for every bullet that hits the hero (he can't die, of course).

Once you let the hero invade the lair, you can control soldiers. Use TAB to switch, Z to jump, X to shoot, and LEFT/RIGHT to move. Make sure to threaten the world every day, lest you run out of funds!